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Care for Caregivers Seminar – by PooranLaw



Caregivers experience considerable stress in the performance of their roles. Coping mechanisms to deal with the negative effects of stress are complex and vary from person to person. Often, while taking care of a loved one, caregivers face challenges about how to cope effectively.

Mickle Macaulay (Ph.D) and Patricia Parker (M.A.) will be leading a seminar at PooranLaw’s offices to assist family caregivers in developing coping mechanisms to deal with the inevitable stresses they experience.

This three and a half hour seminar will invite participants to identify the stressors they face and introduce them to alternative coping mechanisms suited to their unique situations. Topics to be discussed include dealing with anxiety, frustration, impatience, anger, grief, guilt and blame.


This seminar is directed towards family members who provide care for adult loved ones with developmental disabilities.

About Mickle Macaulay:

Mick has a doctorate in counselling psychology and more than 40 years of experience working with patients with a variety of concerns including couple and family therapy, geriatric psychology and addictions. He has personal experience in the role of caregiving, having attended as a caregiver to his wife who passed away some years ago from Parkinson’s disease.

About Patricia Parker:

Patricia holds a master’s degree in counselling and has her own private practice in Toronto with a primary focus on working with individuals and families living with chronic illness. Patricia is the mother of a 46-year-old daughter with special needs. She is a staunch advocate for and with her daughter, in the community and within the provincial health and social services sector.

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How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Patricia Parker with any questions and concerns at 416-494-6222 or