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TTC Wheel-Trans Late cancellation/no-show policy


Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy Revised to put customers first

Late cancellation/no-show policy

TTC’s Wheel-Trans customers asked us to make changes to the Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy so that it better meets their needs and expectations. After thorough research and consultation with customers, staff, ACAT and community partners, we have created a new policy that reflects TTC’s commitment to putting customers first.

This new policy which comes into effect on September 7, 2017 provides customers with more freedom and flexibility and is one of many steps we are taking to improve your experience with us.

Here’s what’s changed:


You’re getting points not penalties Every month you will receive eight Life Happens Points that you can use that month if you have to late-cancel or miss a trip unexpectedly.
You’re getting more freedom You can now cancel your trip up to four hours before your scheduled pick-up time. The old policy required you to cancel before 11:30 p.m. on the night before your trip.
We’re matching the impact to the service Under the new policy:

  • Cancelling less than four hours before your trip uses one point per day.
  • Each trip no-show or cancel-at-the-door uses two points for every single occurrence.

When you late-cancel, we are able to re-route the vehicle to pick-up another passenger who may need a ride. When you no-show or cancel-at-the-door, we are unable to do this and that ride is lost. Whenever possible, please cancel your trip as soon as you can.

You’re getting more flexibility With our new points system you have almost twice the flexibility. Eight Life Happens Points replaces four occurances per month. So go about your day – if you need to late cancel, just notify us. We will give you a courtesy call you when you have used six Life Happens Points and when you have used all eight of your points in one month.


Here’s what’s staying the same:


How you cancel your trip You can still cancel your trip online through our booking site, through the RideLine, or by calling customer service.
When we’ll contact you When you use your sixth Life Happens Point we will notify you with an automated courtesy call. Once you use your eighth Life Happens Point we will give you courtesy call to let you know that you have used all of your points for that month. If you go over your Life Happens Points and are in violation of the policy we will let you know by mail.
What happens if you late-cancel a roundtrip If you late-cancel a roundtrip, you will only be using one Life Happens Point.

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